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      WHO ARE WE

      Shenzhen Jianwang Technology Co., Ltd

      founded in 2011, Jianwang Technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and manufacturing of smart grids. The company is committed to the R&D and production of core products such as charging pile power module, AC/DC charging pile, charging station construction EPC, charging station operation and maintenance services, energy storage power station, high-end power customization, etc.


      1) Full series of charging and discharging solutions at vehicle specification level
      A full range of vehicle specification level charging and discharging solutions include power conversion modules, AC/DC charging pile series V2G products and solutions.
      2) Distributed Modular Energy Storage System Solution
      Distributed modular energy storage system solutions include bidirectional power modules, EMS energy management systems EPC complete solution.
      3) Smart energy management cloud platform
      Smart energy management cloud platform includes distributed power generation, energy storage microgrid, energy storage system, controllable load.A complete set of operation management platform for aggregation and coordinated control of distributed energy sources such as electric vehicles.


      • R&D personnel account for over 35%
      • Doctoral and master's degrees account for over 30% of R&D personnel
      • Annual R&D expenditure accounts for over 15% of revenue
      • More than 100 patents with independent intellectual property rights
      • We have established industry-university-research cooperation models with many well-known domestic universities and scientific research institutions such as Wuhan University of Technology, China Electronics 18 Institute, Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute, etc
      • Jointly establish the Central China R&D and Trial Production Center with NIO
      • Charging and energy storage core unit - bidirectional module technology and process leading in the country
      • Battery pack parallel connection device, control method, and readable storage medium
      • Charging circuit compatible with AC and DC input and its electric vehicle charging module
      • A Dual Power Supply System Based on Balanced Bridge Arm
      • Joint venture with NIO Automobile to establish a production base, vehicle specification level production system and quality standards
      • With 15000 square meters of automated and flexible production lines imported from Germany, it has high production efficiency and high product consistency
      • The first batch of domestic products that have passed ISO/TS16949 and CE certification from TUV and DEKRA,DEKRA mark,with refined process control
      • MES control is implemented throughout the production process, and a forward and reverse product process traceability system has been established


      15 2023-04
      Two years of cooperation between NIO and Sinopec, a total of 251 rechargeable power stations were jointly built

      On April 15, the 2023 of strategic co-operation between NIO and Sinopec official...

      17 2023-03
      Energy Storage Opens a Big Era

      ◆ Improve the necessity and economy of energy storage Necessity: 1. The globa...

      14 2023-03
      Zinc iron liquid flow energy storage injects new kinetic energy into the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing

      With the intensive introduction of new energy storage policies, the agency expec...



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